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Martha Stewart Collection 6-Piece Multi-Color Melamine Bowl Set

Martha Stewart Collection 6-Piece Multi-Color Melamine Bowl Set
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Martha Stewart Collection 6-Piece Multi-Color Melamine Bowl Set

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5Great Purchase  Oct 07, 2008
By Dana Demerchant
When I ordered these bowls they were 19.99 I see they have gone up as of 10/7/08 , even so they are a good investment. The bowls are a good weight ( not your Nana's mixing bowl set ) , the colors are really pretty . They say they are dishwasher safe but I wouldn't , I don't want to damage them. They are also not microwave safe.

I would also not use them for storage they have Melmac in them which is the same toxin causing the babies in China to be come ill , I would over time wonder about long term food storage and leeching of the toxin. That said for mixing they should be fine , its not like your eating the toxin , all plastics etc have toxins in them you just don't eat them.

The only thing I dislike is how much each bowl can hold is not marked on the bowl , it is however on the box. My husband cut it out and we scanned it into the computer for safe keeping.

All in all I think this was a worthy purchase.

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5A Bowl is not a Bowl  Nov 05, 2007
By Yellow Roses "Mighty Mo"
Well Martha and her 2,000 products scores big with me. I like the feel and weight of these bowls, they do not feel like your average department store prep bowls. The colours will work well in most kitchens, even the red is an opportunity to give you a bit of a bang. But I love the muted colours the most,

As I said they have enough weight so you are not afraid of them falling a part on you if you have to whip up some cream, by hand, in them. Also you can throw a fruit or vegetable salad in them and take them to the picnic table.

By the way do not forget to try Martha's small prep bowls. My daughter who is getting into this baking desert on Sunday is delighted with them.

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5Great Bowls  Jan 23, 2008
By D. Dempsey "didi"
These bowls are great. They are very sturdy for mixing things in them and they are pretty enough to set food out in them. They wash easily and I just love them.

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3Not microwave safe - not stated on box  Jan 10, 2009
By D. Adams
I bought the bowls directly from Macy's. When I opened them, there was a warning on the bottom of each bowl not to use in the microwave. This was not mentioned on the box - only that they are "versatile". Not very versatile to me. Other than that, they are pretty and nice sizes. I will just have to warn the other family members not to use them in the microwave, and hope they remember.

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By M. Sewell
I had these bowls sent to me and they arrived with the largest one broken. I sent them back and they were reshipped to me, and they arrived again, broken. I finally gave up and had Macy's refund me, but they refused to refund the shipping and handling, which was roughly $7. 3 months have elapsed and I've lost money and still have no bowls! Such a disappointment. I will not shop with Macy's again.

I've seen these bowls for the same price at Target - do the legwork! Bring home unbroken bowls!

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