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Martha Stewart Collection 7" Santoku Knife with 14" X 10" Bamboo Board

Martha Stewart Collection 7" Santoku Knife with 14" X 10" Bamboo Board
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Martha Stewart Collection 7" Santoku Knife with 14" X 10" Bamboo Board

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Among the countless specialty knives available, the santoku featured in this set offers an amazing amount of versatility. Whether you're chopping, mincing or slicing, this blade and bamboo cutting board offer superior performance.

  • Hand wash

  • Set includes: 7" santoku knife and bamboo cutting board Cutting board measures 14" x 10"

  • Indentations on blade reduce friction for slicing without sticking Stainless steel blade

Product Details:
Product Weight: 3.0 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 1 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review:5.0 ( 1 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

5only knife you'll ever need and a beautiful board too  Apr 09, 2010
By C. Scanlon "least helpful reviewer"
Actually I would keep the board hanging on the wall for meditation, and use a plastic cutting board for the work, which can be more sanitary and washable.

The bamboo board is so beautiful, but can separate with improper washing and drying, so hang it on the wall with some dried herbs, to watch while you cut.

Oh, wait.
Better watch what you cut.

This knife is really the only knife you need. I have one at home wrapped ever in a towel, and lamented the big box source I would buy them from has sold out all of her excellent, durable, well-designed and elegant products.

I am greatly relieved and very grateful to discover that amazon does carry this product. I thought I would never feel right using my MS Santuko, that I would be stealing from my inheritors should I somehow eventually damage it (an impossibility barring earthquake) but as Mr. Marley warned, you go to the well each day with the bucket, one day the bottom falls out.

Now I learn that amazon has one. It is a good thing.

Vegetarian (no meat and no animal by-products) I find this very useful for thin slicing onions and eggplant, fruits and vegetables, fresh herbs like cilantro from the garden, and anything else. The side of its wide blade is especially nice for pressing peeled garlic cloves, after the careful peeling.

All in all the best knife you can get, the only one you'll really need for the long journey ahead.

Knowing now that amazon has one on tap, I can save my full tang wooden handled MS steak knives for later, and unroll the towel from my own MS Santuko, and get back to work in peace.

If only I could find here the full gamut of MS products, in particular the MS 12 quart pot I use to heat wash and bathing water, with its excellent last-for-ever clad bottom which I believe I dinged one morning by heating bath water with no water in it. You take the bucket to the well each day, one day the bottom falls out. It still works wonderfully, but brings me anxiety, and I have no back up

I mean that big box corporation that bought the other big box corporation and threw out MS products, it does lifetime and even forever guaranteed tools. Why not sell the unbreakable Martha, too?

thanks amazon for having at least this one tiny bit of civilization.
and a beautiful bamboo board for my wall!

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