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Martha Stewart Collection Tea Kettle, 4 Qt.

Martha Stewart Collection Tea Kettle, 4 Qt.
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Martha Stewart Collection Tea Kettle, 4 Qt.

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1Low quality, rusting  May 08, 2010
By Amazon Customer "S Coleman"
I'd had my RevereWare tea kettle for 14 years and it finally gave out (the lid was stuck on!), so it was time for a new one. My hubby bought one for me on March 22, 2010. By the end of April, this Martha Stewart brand teapot already had a rusting lid. This teapot is too lightweight, has uneven heat distribution and since its supposedly "stainless steel" should never, ever be rusting. Look for a higher quality product, this one is not worth the high price for a cheap product that rusts after 6 weeks of use.

By Caroline Takahashi
When my big, old thin aluminum Chinese 6-quart tea kettle was left to burn up on the stove a number of years ago (forgotten by a well-intentioned soul) I realized how HARD it is to find something large enough to boil more than a few cups of water at a time! Searched and searched and searched...made do with a little 1.5 quarter. Well, 3 years ago a great blessing came--I found the M.S. 4 quart kettle! It has been simply wonderful! It is used nearly every day for hours at a time, providing humidity in our dry air; boiling gallons of distilled water for special teas, soups and broths to treat cancer patients. It has provided faithful, reliable service for countless human beans who come through my door from the weary world for some tender loving care in a teacup. Yesterday, it was left boiling by my sweet, hurried husband and burned up--oh SO SAD was I. BUT TODAY I AM BUYING ANOTHER ONE!! Let the merry bubbling continue--and thank you Martha Stewart!!!

1negative on a relatively unused red tea kettle  Jan 20, 2013
By Mary C. Bradley
I have had a red Martha Stewart teapot for approximately 5 years, but it is rarely used . THis morning the black "decorative" part surrounding the handle connection fell off and now the handle is loose. This is dangerous ! Does she stand by this product for a refund if there is no sales ticket available?

2marrha stewart 42 qt tea pot  May 04, 2011
By lumarch
I have been wanting a new stainless steel tea pot for some time. My husband bought me this one for Christmas. It is a nice looking tea pot and is a large size for brewing larger amounts of water. However the design for the handle is very poor. I was making some iced tea on Easter and when I went to pour the water, because the handle hinges it swung back and I burned my arm when the teapot hit me. This happened again when I tried to pour some more water. I had to get mt husband to help me. The handle design in my opinion was not very well thought out. It should be a stationery handle.I am still recovering from the burn on my arm.

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5AFTER 2 YRS...NO RUST ANYWHERE !  Mar 31, 2010
By Mermina "Mermina"

Is there some special reason, other than GREED, that it seems to be impossible in this modern age, to find a tea kettle, be it electric or not, that DOES NOT HAVE AN ISSUE with further poisoning our ingested water ???

If it's not a matter of toxic rust, then it's silicone or plastic or caustic enamel that has NOT been certified as SAFE and has been slapped together by GOD KNOWS WHO in CHINA,{ of all places ! YAAAAARGH ! }, where they don't seem to give a hoot if they kill off a few extra folks.

I imagine that if it's possible to create a stainless cooking pot for soups and stews, it should be perfectly simple to add a spout...VOILA ! A tea kettle ! If someone were smart, they'd create a non toxic tea kettle and satisfy millions of customers once and for all. Maybe it'll be ME !!!

I'm so disgusted with what's out there ! I purchased a stainless CUISINART last and paid WELL over a hundred dollars. When the interior began to rust at the seam within a year, I was told I should have dried out the interior after every use ! Oh, c'mon....just how ridiculous is that ? I suppose this would delay our knowledge of the toxicity. It's a pot for water ! How STOOPID to have to continually dry it with a cloth ! What ? Have we ALL gone mad ?

So, here we are, MIZZZ MARTA !
Let's see if MARTHA STEWART stands by her products, BECAUSE, if this thing rusts in anyway, at any time, I will bitterly return this item and DEMAND every penny of my money back !

I vow to come back and tell you the outcome !
MARCH 2012
Yes !!! I still have and use this tea kettle on a daily basis ! One of the other reviewers claimed the lid rusted ! WOW...bummer ! MINE HAS NOT and it is wet ALL the time. I NEVER dry it after uses. Another reviewer claimed the handle slipped out of place and she was burned. WOW ! This has NEVER EVER happened to me or mine ! I'm very happy with this NON rusting tea kettle ! LONG may it live !...now...if they'd only add a whistle...that would be GREAT !

THANK GOD AMAZON still allows honest comments on products ! I hope and pray it NEVER goes away.

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