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Martha Stewart Crafts Edition of the Cricut Cake Electronic Cutting System

Martha Stewart Crafts Edition of the Cricut Cake Electronic Cutting System
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Martha Stewart Crafts Edition of the Cricut Cake Electronic Cutting System

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The Martha Stewart Crafts edition of the Cricut Cake Electronic Cutting System is specifically designed for decorating professional-looking cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and confections in no time at all. machine cuts gum paste, fondant, frosting sheets, and much more. Just choose a design and a size and press cut for beautiful, precise shapes every time. The machine comes with the Martha Stewart Crafts All Occasions Cake Art Cartridge . This cartridge-based system does not require a personal computer and allows you to cut thousands of intricate and detailed characters as small as 1.5 inches (3.81 centimeters) and as large as 23.5 inches (59.69 centimeters) with just the touch of a button. Cricut Cake works with material up to 12 x 12 inches (30.48 by 30.48 centimeters) and 12 by 24 inches (30.48 by 60.96 centimeters), significantly expanding your creative capabilities. This impressive machine is also compatible with all of the existing Cricut cartridges. Creative Features built into every Cricut cartridge allow you to add special effects to characters. There are literally thousands of custom combinations you can use to make each project uniquely your own.

  • Specifically designed for decorating professional-looking cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and more

  • Cuts gum paste, fondant, frosting sheets, and much more

  • 6 modes and 4 functions offer greater customization of cuts

  • Compatible with all original Cricut cartridges; comes with the All Occasions Cake Art cartridge

  • Cuts from 1-1/2 inches up to 23-1/2 inches

Product Details:
Product Length: 25.47 inches
Product Width: 9.4 inches
Product Height: 11.97 inches
Package Length: 25.5 inches
Package Width: 12.5 inches
Package Height: 10.0 inches
Package Weight: 19.45 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 22 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review:3.5 ( 22 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

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5Just what I wanted  Jan 06, 2011
By MsFancyPantz "MsFanctPantz"
First, yes, this version is exactly like the regular Cricut Cake $399 version sold here and other websites. The only difference is the model is white instead of red, and it comes with one of the Martha cartridges instead of the basic Cricut cartridges. And this is also the same as the Cricut Expression machine (which is marketed for scrap booking), only it's food safe and has protective coverings for it's electric bits and buttons.

Second, I would not suggest this to inexperienced decorators or people that make only the occasional cake. The investment does not seem worth it to me, but to each their own.

Third, there is a learning curve to it, it cannot cut straight fondant (nor was it advertised that it can cut fondant). You have to mix your fondant with gumpaste or make your own gumpaste by adding tylose powder to your fondant, and you have to let it rest on the mat and dry out for 30 or so minutes before you can run it through the machine. Otherwise it will not work and you'll be super frustrated. The icing sheets that are sold for the machine taste like paste. Really nasty.

I got mine and have been practicing with it and once I got the hang of it, I love what it's able to do. There is software available (not through Cricut) that you can scan in or pick any image online and this machine will cut it. That alone is awesomeness. There are also a ton of cartridges out there, since this will work with any Cricut cartridge. Look on ebay.

TIP: I noticed that I get the occasional blade drag cut on the top of my gumpaste, but noticed the side touching the mat almost always has a perfect cut. By using the "flip" feature (which will cut a mirror image of your design) I insure that the side of my design that is visable always as a perfect, sharp cut.

You can cut paper with this too, you just need a different blade (the deep cutting one) and the paper mat (although I have yet to try it). You run your own risk of contaminating your machine.

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3Not as easy as you think  Dec 03, 2010
By kbunt
Be aware the the cake cricut isn't as easy as they make it look. There's a definite learning curve, so be prepared for a lot of trial and error before you find the way that it works for you and for the material you're putting through it. It's NOT going to give you great-looking cakes if you don't have good basic decorating skills like icing a cake well. If you only do one or two cakes a year or a month, an exacto knife might be a better investment.

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5LOVE IT!  Dec 14, 2010
By Netty Belle
I LOVE my new cricut cake! Once you get the hang of using this is is quite easy and goes quickly. For those who commented that this does not work miracles; you still need some cake decorating experience... that is true. But just like you can't buy a hammer and expect to be a master carpenter... it still takes some practice to be a master cake decorator.

I have used my cricut cake to decorate cakes as well cut and decorate cookies... and so far I have only had it 1 week!

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4Useful tool  Jan 08, 2011
By ezcakez
Despite some negative reviews and much debate, I decided to order this Cricut Cake. I'm glad I researched prior to purchasing. Had I not read all of the comments by current owners I would have been very disappointed, expecting it to work smoothly right out of the box. However, with the tips from other Cricut Cake users, this machine is great! It's all in the approach. You must have patience. Experimentation is inevitable. I've tried gum paste and fondant. Frozen and room temp. Freezing the medium definitely makes all the difference. I've tested several intricate designs as small as one inch and have had great success on my first two days of use. This amazing technology will really supplement my decorating skills. It's a very useful tool, especially with lettering. I'm glad the cost has gone down significantly since last year. The $200 price point is appropriate. I do not think it is worth anywhere near $399 as seen elsewhere on line.

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3The Cricut Cake that I received was likely refurbished!  Dec 31, 2010
By L. Ayala
Like always, I received my package in a timely fashion. I carefully peeled the provo craft logo tape seal up to discover that there was another piece of tape that had already been cut, a clear indication that the box had been opened. This is the same kind of tape used for any electronic that you might buy. It is the tape used to show if the box has been opened. The breaking of this seal often prevents return or results in a restocking fee if you did want to return it. The dvd and booklets were in a new sealed plastic bag, but when I opened the dvd, it had scaratches on it. Clearly another indication that the Cricut Cake that Amazon advertised as new was actually either used/ a return/ or refurbished. Obviously I have a problem with this because I am only willing to buy certain things used and something that involves food is generally not one of them. The price is significantly cheaper than the retail price and this is the absolute cheapest price that I could find for a "new" Cricut Cake, but I found other sites that were competitive for brand new equipment. Basically, I would expect a cheaper price for something that is used. It is likely that it was a return that was sent back to the manufacturer to be refurbished because all of the packaging was sealed and new, they just weren't very thorough to someone with a discriminating eye (and someone with retail experience!). Customer service has offered me a return, but honestly, I hate returns (who doesn't) and it also means that I have to wait extra long to either get my money back or risk the potential of receiving yet another refurbished piece of equipment. So, I will probably keep it, although I feel mislead and am a bit disappointed.

I did a lot of research on which electronic cutter to buy, because all of them can be altered to accomodate gum paste. I really only considered the Silhoutte sd as an alternative because of the price, print and cut feature and the fact that the software that allows you to use any image is included in the package. You have to purchase second party software to be able to use images other than what is on the cartridges on the Cricut. The other thing against the Cricut was the fact that Linda McClure created the technique of using an electronic cutter with gum paste and shared this with Provo Craft. She claims that Provo Craft ripped her off and took all the credit. Ultimately I chose the Cricut Cake because it is the only food safe model. Despite the fact that one really isn't supposed to eat gumpaste or fondant, and most pastry chefs use many, many pieces of equipment that weren't originally intended for food I feel better knowing that it is food safe.

As for using it, like many before have said, it takes some practice. I have made three cuts so far with different settings and changes in the prepartion in the gumpaste. I have gotten very close to what I would call ideal cuts, but not quite there yet. Its confusing because the dvd, troubleshooting page and website all make different recommendations for the pressure and speed settings. On the dvd, it is recommened to use high presure and speed. This really isn't necessary as it doesn't need that much pressure to cut through the gum paste and it leaves deep cuts in the mat which leaves deep impressions on the back of future peices of gum paste that can also show through to the front. I disagree that you need to be an expert designer to use this equipment to get good results, but you do need to be patient until you get it right. I attribute the flaws in the machine with poor testing and instuctions, not so much with the machine itself. There are alot of variables such as thickness and firmness of gum paste, amount of shortening, pressure and speed and Cricut didn't do a very good job explaining the way to create the ideal balance of all these variables. This is likely the reason why they have experienced a great deal of returns, why Michaels discontinued the product line and the very reason I received a refurbished model for this price!

I do like the product, and I would have probably given it four stars if it weren't for the fact that it wasn't as advertised. I wouldn't give five stars because of the poor instuctions resulting in time and materials wasted figuring it out, lack of print and cut feature, cost of second party software, and Provo Crafts probable mistreatment of Linda McClure.

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