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Martha Stewart Crafts Iridescent Glitter 12-Pack: Vintage Leaf Glitter

Martha Stewart Crafts Iridescent Glitter 12-Pack: Vintage Leaf Glitter
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Martha Stewart Crafts Iridescent Glitter 12-Pack: Vintage Leaf Glitter

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Perfect for adding loads of sparkle and dimension to scrapbook layouts, greeting cards and many other craft applications. Use with glue, stamp and glue pad, epoxy, and much more. This package contains twelve 0.14-ounce/4g jars of vintage leaf glitter. Imported.

  • Perfect for adding loads of sparkle and dimension to scrapbook layouts, greeting cards and many other craft applications

  • Use with glue, stamp and glue pad, epoxy, and much more

  • Includes twelve 0.14-ounce/4g jars of Vintage Leaf Glitter

Product Details:
Product Length: 4.1 inches
Product Width: 7.9 inches
Product Height: 1.1 inches
Product Weight: 16.0 ounces
Package Length: 8.27 inches
Package Width: 4.17 inches
Package Height: 1.1 inches
Package Weight: 0.49 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 182 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review:4.5 ( 182 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

36 of 36 found the following review helpful:

3When they say 'chunky', they mean 'CHUNKY'!  Dec 30, 2011
By Heather
I'm kind of disappointed in this product, as it's not really what I wanted. I wish the picture was a bit clearer so you could see what it really is: It's not exactly 'glitter', but more of a collection of little jars filled with metallic 'leaf' shavings (Kind of like if you were to find some colored aluminum foil and ripped it into tiny pieces). They are asymmetrical, with some chunks 3-4 millimeters across and others that are just tiny little specks.

The colors themselves are okay, but not as bright as I would have hoped; this may be due to the random chunky shapes not allowing the colors to present themselves as normal glitter would, though. The colors lean more towards the "pastel" area, when the picture shows more vibrant colors (The 'garnet', 'fire opal', and 'tourmaline' shades are pretty bright, but the others are too subtle).

The colors, since they are kind of hard to see in the picture:

1. "Brownstone" - dark brown, almost coppery
2. "Fire Opal" - orange/copper
3. "Florentine Gold" - silvery gold
4. "Sterling" - silver
5. "Garnet" - red
6. "Tourmaline" - deep pink/fuschia
7. "Kunzite" - silvery light "baby" pink
8. "Charoite" - light purple/lavender
9. "Lapis Lazuli" - medium blue
10. "Turquoise" - light blue-green
11. "Verdalite" - light minty green
12. "Olivine" - light olive green

35 of 37 found the following review helpful:

5DIY caviar nails  May 26, 2012
By MentholCrush
i really wanted to try caviar nails without spending 25$ for the ciate brand that only comes with 1 color microbeads and 1 color nail polish.

for just under 15$ this set comes with 12 different colors (clear, copper, florentine gold, white gold, fire opal, garnet, tourmaline, krunzite, amethyst, blue topaz, feldspar, and peridot) and you can just use whatever color nail polish you have at home. i added some pictures to show what the bottles look like in real life as well as my first go at diy caviar nails.

great price, great product, decent wait time. although these containers will definitely last me a long time, i would purchase this again. too bad it doesn't come in black :(

*also don't put clear nail polish on top of the beads. the color bleeds out and doesn't help them stay on any more securely than if you didn't put a coat over them. might be the brand of polish i used but meh.

22 of 23 found the following review helpful:

3Good for accents only  Mar 10, 2011
By Claire Jordan "Filmmaker - "The Baroness of New Orleans" to be released in 2014"
If you are getting just one set of glitter for a project, I wouldn't recommend this one. While these are absolutely gorgeous glitters in the bottle, when you apply them they are semi-transparent. The end result is that any variations of color on the surface of whatever you're glittering or brush strokes from the glue that show through the glitter. I found that these glitters are much more effective if you apply them over a layer of solid colored glitter as an accent. Used like this they create a nice iridescent shimmer.

If you are looking for a better basic set of glitter, this one may be a better place to start: Martha Stewart 24-Vial Glitter Multi-Pack

18 of 22 found the following review helpful:

3pretty colors  Aug 31, 2010
Absolutely gorgeous glitter, but good luck getting it to stay on paper with the MS glue or glue pad. Updated: the educational instructor from MS sent me a message saying that the glitter will stay on better if you set it with spray on glue. I've also heard other people say that hair spray works well too. I just don't want a tacky surface left behind that other pages could stick too, so these solutions aren't good ones for what I was hoping to use these for. I wouldn't recommend using this on paper craft projects. You are better off with embossing powder. Updated: I've searched around for more information on adhering glitter to paper and found a great You Tube tutorial by Hero Arts. The title is called "Glittered Lace Paper." I haven't tried this but the demo calls for using "Diamond Glaze" glue by Judy Kins, to the areas on your paper where you want to apply glitter, then sprinkle the glitter onto the surface of the glue, let dry, then brush away excess glitter. Repeat if desired. Lastly, cover glittered area with another coat of Diamond Glaze to insure that the glitter does not fall off the paper when it is handled.

7 of 7 found the following review helpful:

5Beautiful colors  May 27, 2011
By ivovi2005
I just love this glitter. I use it for doing tons of fun stuff with nails at my salon! The colors are very vibrant great for summer!!

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