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Martha Stewart Crafts Simple Circle Cutter

Martha Stewart Crafts Simple Circle Cutter
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Martha Stewart Crafts Simple Circle Cutter



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This circle cutter allows to cut perfect circles from 1-inch to 5-1/2-inch in diameter in 1/16in increments. The double-sided blade will cut in both directions and the ergonomic, soft-grip hand tool makes cutting easier than ever. This package contains one hand tool, three blades that store conveniently in the tool, and one circular guide disk. Hand tool measures 3 by 1-1/2-inch and disk measures 7-1/4 by 7-1/4 by 1/4-inch. Caution-sharp blade-handle with care. Imported.

  • This circle cutter allows to cut perfect circles from 1-inch to 5-1/2-inch in diameter in 1/16-inch increments

  • The double-sided blade will cut in both directions and the ergonomic, soft-grip hand tool makes cutting easier than ever

  • Includes one hand tool, three blades that store conveniently in the tool, and one circular guide disk

  • Hand tool measures 3 by 1-1/2-inch and disk measures 7-1/4 by 7-1/4 by 1/4-inch

  • Martha Stewart Crafts Circle Cutter

Product Details:
Product Length: 7.8 inches
Product Width: 9.4 inches
Product Height: 0.6 inches
Product Weight: 0.15 pounds
Package Length: 9.2 inches
Package Width: 8.0 inches
Package Height: 1.0 inches
Package Weight: 0.15 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 84 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review:3.0 ( 84 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

50 of 51 found the following review helpful:

1Martha Stewart vs. Fiskars  Aug 05, 2010
By C. Cutshall
I asked for this circle cutter for Christmas after seeing it on the Martha Stewart show. I already owned a Fiskars circle cutter but this one seemed more simple to use, Martha at least made it look easy. In general I like most Martha Stewart products. I am in love with my glitter collection and glue pens, but this circle cutter was very disappointing.

1. It is hard to keep in place, it slips every time which ruins the cut and wastes the paper you are cutting. I'm not even sure how you would cut something smaller than the circle cutter itself because you couldn't hold the paper down. You have to hold it on the outside rim with a pretty good amount of pressure so getting a good grip is hard, especially if you have smaller hands like myself. The Fiskars circle cutter has a nice spring loaded, foam padded knob in the middle where you hold it down. I can hold my paper pretty good with this one as long as you are careful spinning the cutting arm around. Fiskars wins!

2. I saw this product when Martha was making paper Christmas trees, which required circles in 6, 5, 4, 3 and 2 inch measurements. This cutter doesn't even cut circles up to 6" in diameter! The Fiskars circle cutter will cut circles from 1 inch up to 8 inches. Fiskars wins again!

3. Half the time the blade doesn't cut all the way through the cardstock. I'm guessing this is because it isn't that long to begin with and then you are having to snap it into the clear plastic disk which is set in ball bearings inside the outer rim. All this adds probably another 1/8" between the work surface and the top of the cutter. So not only do you have to push down with all your might with the hand you are holding the cutter with to keep it from sliding but you have to put a lot of pressure on the blade as well to get it to cut through the paper. My Fiskars cutter doesn't require any pressure on the blade to make it cut, just a steady hand to spin it around. Oh and the Martha Stewart cutter does not spin smoothly once you get it flat on the table and the blade snapped in (it spins great when you just hold it up and spin it!). Another point to Fiskars.

Needless to say in the end, despite my multiple efforts to practice and learn how to use this circle cutter I have yet to master it, I guess only Martha knows it's secrets. So it sits on my shelf and looks nice but never gets used. I go back to my Fiskars cutter every time. I recommend spending your money on a different circle cutter than this one to save yourself the frustration of imperfect circles. I like my Fiskars cutter much better, but it may not be the best solution for everyone.

19 of 19 found the following review helpful:

1Sorely disappointed.  Jul 02, 2010
By MaryBT
I was extremely disappointed with this product. I generally love Martha's craft supplies - her glitter is the only brand I will use.

However, this product is horrible! For starters, forget about cutting a picture with it. There is no way to hold the picture down while you cut unless you adhere it to the mat. Even then you have to use a LOT of adhesive. And even removable adhesive will destroy a mat.

The blade does not cut deeply enough to go through a photograph or a heavy piece of cardstock.

In order to make the full circle, the user must force his or her wrist into contortions that I'm not sure any human being actually could.

I also think the diameter measurements are incorrect. I cut a 3" circle out of a photograph and a 3 1/2" circle out of cardstock for the mat. There was not 1/4" of mat all the way around - the 2 circles were almost exactly the same size.

I also had a hard time getting the circles to look like actual circles. There are much better circle cutting products on the market, in my opinion.

10 of 10 found the following review helpful:

1Not a good purchase  Sep 13, 2010
By J. Urrego
It is really hard to cut, you cannot use small pieces of paper, the blade get stock and damage the paper and I tried with different kinds of paper. I do not recommend this product. When I see it at first time, I really though that will be easy to use. If you want to draw the circles it work with a pen.

13 of 15 found the following review helpful:

1Dissappointed!  Jul 11, 2009
By Chris
I was dissappointed in this product. It looks like it would be simple to use, but I had trouble holding everything still while I was cutting. Either the matt would slip or the cutter would slip; I just could not hold onto the cutter blade, the circle loop, the matt and paper all at the same time. It was also difficult to get the blade to the right depth to cut properly. Many times it would not cut deeply enough. I even tried to cut slowly and take my time; did'nt make any difference. Maybe others are more coordinated than I am, but I hated it. It kept slipping while I was trying it out, and the circles rarely came out right, so I am returning it. It's a really nice concept, and I like how the size is printed right on the plastic loop, but it just did'nt perform well in my opinion.

9 of 10 found the following review helpful:

1Hate it, returned it, and happy  Feb 10, 2010
By Jessica Maenchen "CACA"
My friend bought this and she kept telling me she hated the product because the paper moves a lot when your trying to cut the circles. She gave me the template to see if I can make any improvements to see if we can try to keep the item and nothing worked. Half the time cutting, it wouldn't even make round circles. I do NOT recommend this product. I returned the template after playing around with it and I'm happier tracing and cutting paper instead of using this.

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