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Martha Stewart enameled cast iron 5 quart red round casserole

Martha Stewart enameled cast iron 5 quart red round casserole
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Martha Stewart enameled cast iron 5 quart red round casserole

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3OK, but I know why Le Creuset is more  Jun 28, 2009
By Bunson Honeydew
This pot/dutch oven cooks really well. My wife and I have made meats, chicken, chicken soup, vegatable soups, etc. We have used it on top of the flame or in the oven. Clean-up is not too bad either.

As two others have said, this pot's enamel chips very easily. So it will look terrible after time. If you are not bringing it to the table when company is over, who cares. But if you are, it's kind of cheezy looking.

So if you don't want to pony up the cash for the Le Creuset pots, I have heard and read the Mario Batali ones are very good. Amazon carries them too. Supposedly they are half the price of the Le Creusets. Obviously if you can afford the Le Creusets, go with them.

Here's another good idea: If you don't need enameled cast iron, buy the Lodge preseasoned cookware. I love my skillet and grill/griddle combo. Lodge makes preseasoned dutch ovens. I think you'll pay about $40 at Target for a 5 quart model with lid.

Update 12/2009... Amazon lowwered the price on the 5 quart Lodge Dutch oven. I could have sworn I saw it for $26.

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1Chipped enamel  Mar 27, 2009
By B. Craig
I was very disappointed with this enamel pot. Within 2 weeks after purchasing and using it--the enamel began to chip on the handles and on the rim. Now it looks terrible. I'm very dissatisfied and I can't recommend purchasing this product.

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5Wonderful!  Apr 02, 2008
By D. Wilson "elohim555"
When I saw this pot on sale, I just had to get it! I have always wanted to replace my old enamel roaster with a "LeCreuset-type" pot, and this one fit the bill. I used it the very day after I bought it with awesome results. I roasted a whole chicken inside of it with fresh green beans and carrots. The chicken came out so moist and tender, and the vegetables had the perfect consistency. Clean up was extremely easy. I didn't even have to soak it to get it clean. To me, the pot has paid for itself with one use. With it being so well made and sturdy, I hope that I will get many, many years of great meals from it.

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3Too many flaws, not worth the money  Oct 10, 2009
By Coley W.
I paid $120 for this at Macy's and at first I was in love with it. I've had it for a year now and I use it all the time, twice a week or more sometimes. Functionally, it is great. I love the way it cooks my food. I can't compare it as it's the only dutch oven I've ever used. However, the enamel does chip very easily, not only on the outside (which doesn't bother me so much), but also on the inside, specifically on the bumps that cover the inside of the lid.
Worse though is the knob. It's made of that "stay cool" plastic that other more expensive models use, but the knob is worthless. I have never used my dutch oven in an oven hotter than 400 degrees, and almost always keep it at 375 degrees. In spite of this, my knob started to seem like it was getting loose. I tightened it with a screwdriver and it fell right off - the threads inside stripped right out. Plus the screw attaching the knob is so short, it only went about 3mm into the knob! No wonder it fell off. So I ordered a replacement stainless steel knob from another brand, Le Creuset, for [...] , hopefully I'll be able to make it work.
Overall, I wish I had spent the extra money for a better product, like the Calphalon one that was for sale at the same time, because the lid had a handle that was one continuous piece with the lid, if that makes sense. No screws, impossible to fall off.

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3Great pot for the price but....  Jun 30, 2008
By N. Desai
Just bought my 1st cast iron pot and have not had the chance to use it yet. In comparing it to the expensive le crusete, it is hard to tell the diff. between the two. It looked great.

However, it tipped slightly after the initial wash and guess what, the green exterior enamel chipped from the sides. So now I am in 2 minds what to do.

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